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Bookmark These Websites!

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The Company’s Consultant Website
You have been given a consultant number by Mary Kay, so you’ll want to memorize the number as you will need it a lot! You will want to go to InTouch right away. The first time you go there, it will ask for your consultant # and have you set up a password. 

Our Freedom Unit Website
Our Freedom Unit Private Facebook Group
Our Freedom Area Private Facebook Group

You will want to visit our Unit Website & Facebook Group often. You’ll find our events, contests, recognition, and tools to print out for your parties, and more!

Get Plugged In!

Get connected with me!

Check our unit calendar and upcoming events. You also want to make sure you add the next New Consultant BOOT CAMP to your schedule, this is a HUGE part of your new consultant education. 

Success Habits

Here are just a few more things you want to do right away to get you all set up for SUCCESS!

  1. Change your voicemail to a professional voicemail message. You’ll soon be getting phone calls from new customers!
  2. Take the odometer reading on your vehicle. One of your biggest tax deductions is mileage!
  3. Email me your picture!! I want to give you recognition for your hard work!  

I PROMISE we will go over all of this at your orientation, but feel free to get a head start! Again, don’t forget to make sure you watch the 3 videos on this email and schedule your orientation with me right away.


We are in business for ourselves, but never by ourselves. There is something special that happens when you surround yourself with positive women who want the best for you, have been where you are, and care about your success – including me! I’m only a call, text, email, or facebook message away 🙂