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Peek into Pink

Dial In to the Conference (United States): (712) 775-7031
Access Code: 913294

Join Online Meeting:
Online Meeting Link:
Online Meeting ID: Terezeja

Step 1 ✔ Invite guests! New Consultants this does count toward your Pearls of Sharing Training! All guests will be entered into our $500 Cash Drawing! Click this link for scripts and tips on how to schedule your Pearls of Sharing! ??

Step 2 ✔ Once your guests respond YES, send them the link and ask them to complete the online and to submit it by 6:00pm!

Step 3 ✔ Prepare your guests by sharing with them a little bit about who I am and what to expect on the call. I will be sharing a little bit about my MK journey, the company and guests will get to ask questions. Encourage them to think of some questions:)

Step 4 ✔ Let me know who you have calling in so I know to listen for your guests! Be sure to confirm with them the day of the call!?☎

Step 5 ✔Consultants call in at 6:55 so you can hear your guests arrive and trouble shoot with them if they are having trouble getting on. You and your guests can join via your phone or computer. If you have ANY background noise please be sure to MUTE your phone. It makes it hard for everyone to hear if there is crazy noise in the background ?

NEW CONSULTANT SCRIPT…Use to invite guests to help you with your Pearls of Sharing Calls!

Hi________, I am SO excited! You are probably going to think I am crazy but I know you love me and will support me, right? I am a brand new Mary Kay Consultant and guess what…I am going through official training…it has been so fun! Part of my training is to pick 6 of my favorite people to do a Q & A Survey with my mentor. I get to listen and learn and earn some fabulous jewelry just for doing this part of my training. It is super easy and of course I chose you to help me because___________ and bonus…just for helping me you will have a chance to win free Mary Kay products and be entered to win $500 Cash! Isn’t that great!

She will probably ask what she needs to do??? 

Here is how it works. The LIVE CALL is on Tuesday at 7:30pm. My Director will be sharing her story…you will love her, she is super (fill in blank)! At the end of the call guests and consultants can ask questions. I learn a lot from that part of the call! You can call in from your phone or join via computer. I will send you all the info. Sound good?

Thank you so much for helping me… You are the BEST! One last thing there are going to be free product drawings on the call and you can be entered by watching a quick video and completing a short online MK survey before the call! Can I send you a link to the video and survey so you can be in the drawing?

Consultant next step with guests…

#1. go to

select which video you will send her (just copy and paste web address into a text so it is easy for her) You can send her directly to my website but you may get better results if you choose the video you think will inspire her the most!

#2. Then send her the link for the survey! I will message you when I receive her survey. Remember they must be submitted by 6:30pm

Link for survey:


(send on Thursday to confirm with her and include jpg)

Thank you again so much for helping me with my goal/training! Here is the # for the call or you can use the link to join via computer!

(712) 775-7031 it will ask for Access Code: 913294 or online link:


Hi __________! It’s __________ from Mary Kay. I hope you are well. I have a huge favor to ask you. I’m have been selected for promotion to Leadership in

Mary Kay, and I need to have 10 of my (favorite customers, favorite people, really nice people etc) do a Q & A survey with me and my Director as part

of my training. Mary Kay may be something you never want to do, but I still get credit for you listening. Is there any way you could help me?

Use scripts above when she asks what she has to do!