Working with New Consultants

New Consultant Coaching Guide

New Consultant Training

Weekly Postcards for New Consultants

I send out a 6 week postcard series to all new consultants. They are mailed out 1 each week for 6 weeks.

Status Postcards

All consultants with the following status receive a postcard the 2nd week of the month: A3, I1, I2, I3, & T1, T11, & T 12

Thank you for Ordering Postcards

All consultant who ordered in the previous month receive a postcard.

Moving Up Packets

A list of all contents for the Movin’ Up packets can be found HERE.
The following are documents you can print for the Movin’ Up packets:

1 Away From Red Letter -Word

1 Away from Team Leader –Word

Red Jacket LetterWord

Red Jacket Flyer Publisher

Senior Consult Letter Word

Team Leader Letter -Word


Developing Offspring

DIQ Presentation PDF |Word

Letter to the Future Unit -Word (mail the 1st month of DIQ)

Letter to the Husband of the Future Director -Word

DIQ Kick-Off Party -Word

DIQ Kick-Off Agenda