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12 Steps to Sucess

How To Have a Successful Debut

Business Debut Information Packet – print & follow

Debut Invitations (editable) | JPG – PRINT AND MAIL AT LEAST 50

Hostess Brochure – Print in full color front to back and fold in half

30 Faces in 30 Days – Print for Debut

Debut Hostess – Booking Card

12 Steps to Sucess

My priorities are (1) my personal business, (2) new consultants, and (3) unit members who have big goals. Communicating with me weekly during your first 6 weeks is essential. Please email, text, or call me anytime. NEVER feel like you’re bothering me! I LOVE hearing good news, answering questions and addressing concerns! Please add my contact information to your contact list. If you use social media, please connect with me. Make plans to attend training events and local celebrations (yes, we love to have fun!). The company has several events each year that you will want to plug into – they are always “over the top.” 

12 Steps to Sucess

Print Work Book in color and put it in a 1 Inch Binder. Bring this with you to every Class!

Part 1 – First Things First

Part 2 – Ready to Party

Part 3 –  Share Something Beautiful

Part 4 – Business Management

12 Steps to Sucess

Pearls of Sharing Script!

Hi________, I am SO excited! You are probably going to think I am crazy but I know you love me and will support me, right? I am a brand new Mary Kay Consultant and guess what…I am going through official training…it has been so fun! Part of my training is to pick 6 of my favorite people to do a Q & A Survey with my mentor. I get to listen and learn and earn some fabulous jewelry just for doing this part of my training. It is super easy and of course I chose you to help me because___________ and bonus…just for helping me you will be entered to win $500 Cash! Isn’t that great!

She will probably ask what she needs to do??? All she needs to do is watch a quick inspirational video, fill out a survey and then talk with us over the phone or we can meet for coffee. (I love doing these face to face and we can even do it with more than 1 friend at a time). Reassure her that it is easy and I am super nice lol! You may want to prep her to think of some fun questions she can ask when we talk!

12 Steps to Sucess

Voxer is available at the following app stores:
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myCustomers+TM is available at the following app stores: 

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Stay connected by checking voxer and Facebook daily!

Friend Terezeja and she will add you to the Freedom Unit and Freedom National Area Groups

12 Steps to Sucess

Watch this video and get ready to Step on Up to Red and Beyond



Mary Kay InTouch Website

Step-by-step modules and videos to help you sell with confidence!

MK University

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