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MK Husbands

Dear Husband,


Congratulations on being the husband of a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant!
Most people begin a business with Mary Kay to make extra money. However, because of the great opportunity to help others, your wife can gain a tremendous amount of self-satisfaction from her business. Her new business could provide anything from a little extra spending money to a business from which the entire family can benefit. A Mary Kay business offers the flexibility to fit your goals and lifestyle. The sky is the limit!

Weekly and daily activity is vitally important to any business. Please encourage your wife to attend all business meetings – it is the lifeline to keeping a positive attitude, learning and being productive each week. Another important aspect of your wife’s business is having product on hand to service her customers. This is beneficial to begin any business and Mary Kay is no exception. As your wife starts her business, it is my role to offer advice on how to sell the products and manage her business income wisely.

I look forward to meeting you in the near future. If you have any questions regarding the Mary Kay opportunity, please contact me. Also, feel free to join us at various unit functions. We look forward to sharing with you your wife’s steps up the ladder of success! Her belief in herself, coupled with your belief, can help your wife achieve whatever she desires for her Mary Kay business and family!


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