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Pearls of Sharing

I am so excited to help you earn your New Consultant Pearls of Sharing! How awesome that you can win some amazing jewelry just for completing this training with me! Below is a step by step explanation of how it works…

STEP 1: Look at your Contact List…Examine your circle of influence – customers, friends, family and select 6 super fun, super sharp friends who can help you with this training. All they have to do is watch a short video about Mary Kay, complete a survey on our Unit Website at, and then complete a follow-up with me and you over the phone.

STEP 2: Use this simple script to set up your sharing appointments… (H=Help O=Opinion P=Practice)

Hi________, I am SO excited! You are probably going to think I am crazy but I know you love me and will support me, right? I am a brand new Mary Kay Consultant and guess what…I am going through official training…it has been so fun! Part of my training is to pick 6 of my favorite people to do a Q & A Survey with my mentor. I get to listen and learn and earn some fabulous jewelry just for doing this part of my training. It is super easy and of course I chose you to help me because___________ and bonus…just for helping me you will be entered to win $500 Cash! Isn’t that great!

STEP 3: Schedule the Pearls of Sharing Survey. It can be done in person over coffee if you are local or over the phone. Just click on the link below that says “Schedule Survey Times” with me and you will see my availability. You can then book me for a time that works for you and the person we are surveying! 

STEP 4: Confirmation text to send to everyone who is going to help us with your Pearls of Sharing Training

Hi NAME , thank you again for helping me with my training by doing a Q & A survey with me. Before we chat can you click on the link below and watch at least one inspirational video!

Feel free to watch as many as you’d like then just submit the online survey at the top of the page before we do our call/meet on DATE AND TIME. I will call you with my mentor. Her name is Terezeja and she is super nice! Thanks again for helping me!